Why I Love Big, Fat Cows

Because what’s not to love? They make such supple yet enduring cushions for the pushin’; they are redolent of that embryonic oblivion during which we cuddled under mother’s bosom, innocently guzzling colostrum from her teat.

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An Honest Conversation About Race (Through Hip-Hop) Part Three: the Black & Brown Coalition

Like the vermin that will inevitably invade your premises, illegals are looking for a means of survival. They are destitute and are willing to exploit the circumstances that would allow them to feed on your scraps. Sadly, the analogy breaks down beyond this point.

The crumbs attracting aliens are jobs that guys just like 19-year old Q-Tip and Shaheed Muhammad could do to lawfully earn a living, as well as the social services many of their neighbours back in inner city New York may rely on. Additionally, in places with an abundance of Spanish speakers, not being fluent can become a handicap for those seeking even entry-level positions.

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An Honest Conversation About Race (Through Hip-Hop) Introduction & Part One: Black on Black Violence

Introduction The activity of trying to measure, explain, and reduce the differences between black and white Americans did not begin when the latter started watching The Cosby Show and The Jeffersons on TV every evening—it actually began when Cotton Watts had them cracking up. Since the country’s founding, and perhaps before it, the conditions of black people have been a serious concern for many Americans.  To free black Americans from bondage and servitude on the plantations, the Union Army of the Northern states burned the livelihoods of their Southern countrymen down to the dirt in the Civil War of the…

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Stop All Yer Squawkin’ Aboot the Fawkin’ Squaw, Alright?

In the last few months, the Canadian government ‘n mainstream media—which are now effectively a single fawkin’ entity—’n the Social Justice Nation, have been chirpin’ aboot the abuse some Injun kids endured during their stays in the residential schools. Which, frankly, we couldn’t care less aboot. ‘N we suspect none o’ ‘em really give a shit, either.

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MLK would not be a-ok with a society wherein the races could not openly and liberally exchange all epithets and slurs.

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Foreplay Techniques

It’s by divine right that men take the lead upon the intercourse to Punarnia. For not only do women’s vehicles take a lot longer to warm up, they regularly require a boost from a man’s—and face it: we’re better drivers. Foreplay is the jumper cables you will need to really crank her engine.

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People Who Run Are Stupid

The truth is that people are not meant to run for miles and miles on end, repeatedly. So if you choose to do so, you are essentially choosing to change yourself into something that is no longer exactly a person. Namely, a pudgy, stupid, or dead person.

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