Men Ain’t Shit

This four year old video of what appears to be a girl – very fluent is white trash hip-hop speak – trying to catch her black boyfriend cheating came to my attention thanks to comedian Pat Dixon’s show, Crime Report

The irate snowbunny shows up at her man’s home under the impression that he is with another girl. Which he is. He lets her in after instructing his side piece to hide in the dryer. She marches through the house in search of the home wrecker. Checking the bedroom and closets, ready to whoop the bitch’s ass.

As we watched, two heinous thoughts emerged. First, how hot would it be for a girl to be so infatuated with us that she would invade our residence, suspicious that some other broad is sucking our dick? Answer: surface of the sun levels of hot. And second, her behaviour may have been the prudent response in such a situation. Namely, attacking the hussy sucking and fucking her man rather than the man himself. 

The former is merely illustrative of just what human garbage we are. We will gleefully cop to that. The latter is a realization that bears profound and impactful insight. 

After all, according to lots of women, “men ain’t shit,” right? We are not to be trusted, especially when it comes to our ability to say no to novel pussy. Furthermore, besides purchasing the services of a prostitute, most of us have got to work real hard to cajole a woman into sex. If that woman then consents, who’s to blame?

Thus, ladies – barring his participation in prostitution – if your man cheats on you, do not dump him or damage his property or follow any of the satanic impulses fomented by your scorn. Direct your malice at the bitch who threw herself at him instead. Put your foot up her ass for allowing him to get all up in it.

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